Yamaha is invested in the creative choices you make with your space by providing state-of-the-art products with superb musicality that ensure your vision resonates with everyone who enters.


[ Restaurant ]


Products: VXS, VXC

“Part of our identity is the upbeat environment at the bar, and here the sound and lighting are the most important things. The quality of sound is very high.”

[ Hotel ]

Spain / Petit Palace Hotels

Products: VXS F model, VXS M model, VXS S model

“It’s all about creating a luxurious, relaxed and approachable atmosphere, carefully planned at all times to match the expectations of our guests. The music is there to enhance the customer experience.”

[ Restaurant ]

UK / Beer & Bird

Products: VXS, VXC

Proprietors Tom, Sam and Paul Hanson were determined that the quality of the ambience should match the quality of its fare. “We wanted ‘something special’ for Beer & Bird’s background music system.”

[ Exhibition ]

UK / Swarovski

Products: VXS F model, VXS S model

London Design Festival 2017 saw the global launch of Tord Boontje’s new collection of chandelier and crystal lighting components. The installation included a highly innovative soundscape.

[ Restaurant ]

Sweden / Usine

Products: VXS

“We wanted a system that would be easy to use for all staff members, but products with aesthetics that would blend seamlessly into Usine’s industrial theme.”

[ Hotel ]

Sweden / Generator Sweden

Products: VXS, VXC

“For us the choice of equipment was easy. The wisdom of that choice has been proved by comments from both staff and customers alike being universally positive.”

[ Exhibition ]

UK / Victoria and Albert Museum

Products: VXS M model, VXS S model

“As a very 21st century interpretation of the Christmas tree tradition, suggested by Es Devlin, it is appropriate that a cutting-edge solution is used to deliver the sound.”

[ Show Room ]

Japan / Volvo Studio Aoyama

Products: VXS, VXC, VXS S model

“We are always delighted to hear comments about what a comfortable place Volvo Studio Aoyama is. I’m sure the quality of the sound system contributes to that impression.”

[ Retail Store ]

Japan / ITO-YA

Products: VXS, VXC, VXS S model

“Each floor features dedicated background music that has been specially composed for this store. At the same time, natural ambient sounds such as birdsong or the wind are blended in to create a relaxing shopping environment.”

[ Public Space ]

Denmark / Billund Airport

Products: VXC

“Handling over two million passengers each year from both regular and charter flights, Billund Airport wanted to add high quality background music to the announcement/voice evacuation system.”

[ Retail Store ]

China / Shangxia Shanghai Maison

Products: VXC

“SHANG-XIA is a luxury brand bringing traditional Chinese craftsmanship into line with modern living. The system blends with the environment in the most simple and exquisite way.”

[ Retail Store ]

Japan / Hills Avenue Ginza

Products: VXC F model

“Our approach to everything we do, including selecting materials for our shoes, is that every detail must be of the highest quality. The speakers were an ideal complement for the store’s visual design.”

Speakers for Background Music

Choose the models that best suit your needs from our ample lineup.

  • In-ceiling Type

    VXC Series

  • Surface-mount Type

    VXS Series